Rainy Weather Blues

Is this rain disturbing you?

Now take some time to imagine what it’s doing to Cold Finger. I need to be Unsingle quick. I won’t be needing all these clothes to keep warm. This weather is doing me bad.

I want/need bae who can cuddle – harder than the cold can bite. I need bae who can prepare a hot lunch for both of us to eat while watching the rain hit the window pane. I need bae who can make me put down the phone and engage in healthy conversation. I need bae who dances to reggae for warmth, while forcing me to join her… I need bae who can sing along to my blues.

I need bae to kill the cold boredom.

It feels like Winterfell in this room, and I’m in my feelings. Where’s my KiKi at? Na me get Ogudu GRA, we can run these streets together and put the rest of the world in the background. Lagos? Na me land the property. The city is my zone, me and bae could touch my fave spots with finesse and lots of PDA.

This could be us.You could be my inspiration. I could share the fire in my soul with you. Something tells me you might not need it though…. I see the light in your eyes.

I need bae. Period. I’ve confessed. If this love is a crime, I’m in my feelings, come and arrest me.
#DragonSoul #SoberThursday #MyImaginaryGirlfriend #RichardHenrywrites.

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